Who is on your child’s Learning Team?

Who is there to ensure your child has the opportunity to develop, learn, and grow in school?

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We want our children to be in a rich academic and social environment that provides them the opportunity to develop, learn, and grow into adulthood. As a special educator with 17 years of teaching experience,  I know that students need a village to support them in their academic and learning journey.

I am in a unique position of veteran special educator and parent of a child that received special education services while in school. When my child was diagnosed with a speech disorder, my mother bear instincts kicked in. I drew on all my education and experience and I worked hard with the educational team to create a plan that was in my child’s best interest. It helped immensely that I know the law, pedagogy framework, best teaching practices, and available services.

I know the special education process can be complicated for parents, and downright overwhelming at times. I want to be a part of your child’s ‘learning team’ to ensure your child has the opportunity to develop, learn, and grow!

I provide consulting services to advise parents on: 

*How to work with your child’s school to determine if testing is needed for the identification of a suspected learning disability.

*If your child already has an identified learning difference and is being provided services with an Individual Education Plan (IEP), I can assist with maximizing education outcomes by making sure services align with student needs.

*Review current educational outcomes and the current Individual Education Plan (IEP) to make sure is up to date and inclusive of all necessary accommodations and modifications necessary to increase access and equity in the educational environment.

*Listen to help develop strategies to address behavioral and/or emotional concerns centered on making sure students are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.

*Provide educational trainers to assist with remediation of executive functioning skills for students to include the areas of time management, organization, prioritization, focused attention, and self-regulation.

*Provide parents with trained tutors that will work one on one with students to scaffolded support for homework, teach study skills, and provide test review.


Please contact me through this site or at 805-750-2019 to make an appointment. 

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