Helping Families Navigate the Path from High School to College and CareerSpecializing in Diverse Learners with Individual Education Plans (IEP’s)

As a special education teacher, I have been working with families for many years to help support their child’s transition.”

Dr. Christine Powell

As a special educator, the majority of my 19 years of teaching experience has been working with and on behalf of high school students with special education needs. My focus in Post-Secondary Planning is a result of wanting my students to have the best possible educational outcomes and experiences, which includes access to courses and content that emphasize 21-century skills. My knowledge and experience has allowed me to assist families as they plan and navigate the transition from high school to college and career opportunities for their children.

J.O.- TedEx presenter and former student of Dr. Powell

I earned a Doctorate of Education Leadership with my dissertation research focused on “Communication and Information Sharing In Support of Students with Special Education Needs In Career Technical Education” . I have also pursued international research as a Fulbright Fellow through the Department of State, which has provided insight into effective pedagogical practices, providing targeted, individual support, and accessing students for post secondary outcomes in their transition to college and career.

I work closely with parents, students and community partners to formulate a customized post-secondary plan and link services and supports that impact student achievement.

Graduation from high school is an exciting time. Formulating a post graduation plan, linking supports, accessing services, and moving towards a goal is a smart course of action. Let me help you plan for your child’s success.


I help students:

  • assess and refine their academic and extracurricular choices
  • capitalize on their strengths, special talents and interests
  • explore academic interests and related career directions
  • plan for standardized testing and organize an optimal testing schedule (with IEP supports)
  • assess skills, strengths, and career dispositions
  • prepare for productive interviews, campus visits, and training opportunities
  • Connect services and supports with outside agencies
  • develop appropriate school, college or training school lists based upon individual records, interests and needs

I help parents by:

  • developing a plan and provide support during high school
  • Informing them of college and career options
  • motivating the student to assume appropriate responsibility during the process
  • serving as an accessible, resource throughout the transition process
  • providing accurate, up-to-date and objective information in accordance with IDEA and FAPE laws

My goals for each student:

  • to feel positive about their transition experience
  • to provide post-secondary choices aligned with students wants, needs, and abilities

Email to schedule a free, no obligation 20 minute phone consultation to see how I can assist you and your child. Fees range from $100 per hour to Comprehensive Guidance packages, depending on the level of support the student needs, when we begin to work together in the high school process, and college and career aspirations.

Contact to make an appointment. 
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