Old School Marbles & 21 Century Students

I was recently trying to come up with new ideas of how to teach my students the precursors of the Revolutionary War. We had already labored over the long list of intolerable acts, taxation without representation, the Boston Massacre, and the famous tea party. Great stuff, but the information was flat and dry and IContinue reading “Old School Marbles & 21 Century Students”

Mass Murder, Fire, and the Power of Pictionary

Early Thursday morning, I rolled over in bed to silence my alarm. I checked my phone and saw I had an international text from my daughter serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa. I was hoping for reassuring information related to her safety, and the safe return of 80 school children abducted just twoContinue reading “Mass Murder, Fire, and the Power of Pictionary”

Everybody Needs A Mentor

I’ve been fortunate to have an incredible mentor; Dr. Therese Eyermann at California Lutheran University. Dr. Eyermann, a higher education professor in the education leadership department, has been a guiding force in helping me reach my goal of studying overseas. With her input and cheerleading, I applied for and was awarded a Fulbright award. Dr.Continue reading “Everybody Needs A Mentor”

College & Career Readiness Goals for Students

With the goal of preparing students for college & career – high school students benefit from connecting academic courses with career technical education (CTE) training. Applying theory and abstract concepts to concrete activities enhances opportunities for engagement. Learning becomes experiential and for many students, this is how they practice new 21 Century skill sets. AsContinue reading “College & Career Readiness Goals for Students”

I Work With An Ambassador

In my 17 years of teaching special education I have had the opportunity to impact many students. In those same years, there have been students who have impacted my life as well. One example is this guy, JO. He has pushed through many barriers; physical barriers, language barriers, educational obstacles, limited access, and equity barriers.Continue reading “I Work With An Ambassador”