Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ on Film

Singapore on Film breathes life into stunningly restored archival videos from nearly 100 years ago. Singapore is still a multi-cultural island nation and this digital narrative provides food for thought as the history of Singapore is explored. Read more at

How Can Teachers in the United States Help Their Students Prepare To Compete For Jobs Internationally?

Thank you, Education Week for sharing my thoughts with other passionate teachers and education leaders. The need to shift our teaching to incorporate the competencies our students need in life is apparent when U.S. students’ skill sets are compared with those of students in other academically advanced countries.

Week Two In Singapore- Getting the Lay of the Land

This week has been an adventure; from registering at the National Institute of Education for classes, spending my first week at my school site and meeting with teachers, adventuring into the labyrinth of air-conditioned shopping malls that put Vegas to shame, and getting happily lost on solo excursions out and about on this fabulous island.Continue reading “Week Two In Singapore- Getting the Lay of the Land”

My Introduction To One Singapore Secondary School & An Exam With True Consequences

I visited my first school placement today, Beatty Secondary School in Singapore. Freddy Loke, my assigned Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) buddy was with me from the start of my bus journey to assist me in my travels. We took a few pictures to mark my first day of school attendance and capture our goodContinue reading “My Introduction To One Singapore Secondary School & An Exam With True Consequences”

Touchdown in Singapore

18 hours and 32 minutes after leaving Los Angeles airport I arrived safely in Singapore. The flight was long but manageable, especially since the crowded plane was packed, with the exception of the seat next to mine- SCORE! After navigating customs and baggage claim at Changi airport, I promptly got a new SIM card &Continue reading “Touchdown in Singapore”

A Lancer Forever

Thank you, Thousand Oaks High School Special Education Dept. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such dedicated teaching professionals. Thousand Oaks High School is a fantastic place to be a part of and my Fulbright research is in large part due to the support of staff members, administration, and the amazing teachersContinue reading “A Lancer Forever”