Parents: Help Your Child ‘Marie Kondo’ Their Learning Space

August 2019 Back To School Dr. Christine Powell My Web Page Lets Connect on LinkedIn Twitter @DrCPowell A messy workspace is not always the hallmark of a creative mind- It can be down right distracting. Dr. Christine Powell, Special Educator, provides 6 tips inspired by organizational guru, Maria Kondo, to create a calm and centeredContinue reading “Parents: Help Your Child ‘Marie Kondo’ Their Learning Space”

Highlights-Fulbright Inquiry Project In Singapore

My Fulbright inquiry project has yielded information I hope impacts education training opportunities for students w/ diverse learning needs. The title is Vocational Education and Training in Singapore: Examining Programs and Practices In Support of Students with Special Education Needs.  Please share this information as my goal is to support access & equity in careerContinue reading “Highlights-Fulbright Inquiry Project In Singapore”

May You Have Bold Adventures With A Friend

Everyone should travel internationally at least a few times in their lives and everyone should create an opportunity to travel with a friend. I mean at least once travel with someone you like a lot outside of family, that you have a great time with, and that is up to seeking out adventures. A recentContinue reading “May You Have Bold Adventures With A Friend”

Thank you, U.S. Embassy for highlighting a Fulbright Distinguished Award In Teaching grantee. There are 3 of us here in Singapore exploring education! #fulbright #fulbrightdat

Sketchnote- The Myth of the Average Student: Tips for Working With Students That Have Learning Difference

The Ministry of Education, sponsors of the Teacher Conference in Singapore, hired a sketchnote artist who attended sessions and created magnificent summaries LIVE in the back of the room. I was honored to have the artist record my session. A wonderful graphic representation of my presentation was created that will be available for viewing atContinue reading “Sketchnote- The Myth of the Average Student: Tips for Working With Students That Have Learning Difference”

Infusing the Japanese Art of Reflection Into U.S. Education

Hansei, the Japanese practice of self-reflection, is a game changer in Japan & a useful activity when applied in U.S. education:  Hansai- The Japanese Art of Self-Reflection