Hit the Submit Button Already!

Took a brave leap & submitted my Fulbright inquiry project for peer review. 📕My hope is that this research will in some way help students with special education needs & inform the education organizations that serve them🧩 When students with special education needs graduate from high school, taking the next steps towards college & career mightContinue reading “Hit the Submit Button Already!”

“Help! My child is so disorganized”

Whether your child’s bedroom is in a constant state of upheaval, they can’t find important items in their backpack, or they can’t seem to remember multi-step directions, the underlaying issue may weak Executive Functioning skills. What Are Executive Functioning Skills Executive Functioning is a broad term for a set of mental abilities that are essentialContinue reading ““Help! My child is so disorganized””

Podcast – The future of education and online learning

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with host, Jacob Morris, from DreamJobs.fm – A podcast that explores careers, the lives of digital nomads, remote work, cool companies, emerging trends, and everything in between that helps people find what they’re called to do and their journey to get there. https://podcast.dreamjobs.fm/ Check out the episode whereContinue reading “Podcast – The future of education and online learning”

Just Breathe- A strategy to calm your thoughts & body

Christine Powell, Ed. D I wanted to share a mindfulness strategy! A super easy way to help regulate your breathe and quiet any racing thoughts – especially when processing information or feelings that evoke an emotional response. I’ve used this strategy for years in my teaching practice to help students with special education needs regulateContinue reading “Just Breathe- A strategy to calm your thoughts & body”

Whose Farming and Feeding Americans During Coronavirus?

On a small farm in Northern California the workers are putting in long days. 12 hour shifts are the new normal as the staff at Hikari Farms is making sure it’s San Francisco Bay Area clients get the organic Japanese vegetables they need. The farm, owned by a nonagenarian Japanese couple and managed by theirContinue reading “Whose Farming and Feeding Americans During Coronavirus?”

Career Education & Training for Students with Special Education (Lessons from Singapore)

Dr. Christine Powell In partial fulfillment of the Fulbright Distinguished Award In Teaching Education research focused on Students with Special Education Needs (SEN) in Singapore provides examples of organizational supports that underpin student achievement. Recommendations for state and district education leadership to draw on when designing career training programs or upgrading ones are highlighted. TheseContinue reading “Career Education & Training for Students with Special Education (Lessons from Singapore)”